Hofmann monty 3300 racing AT plus tire mounting machine

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Hofmann monty 3300 racing AT plus tire mounting machine
Technical dates

Outer rim voltage
10 "- 24"
Inner rim voltage
12 "- 24"
rim width
  3 "- 14"
Tire width max. 15 "
Wheel diameter max.
1000 mm
Forcing wide 40-440 mm
Bead breaking cylinder at 12 bar
2500 kp
Working pressure pneumatic
8-12 bar
Three-phase connection
400-415 VAC 3ph 50/60
363 kg

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February 18, 2014

Tyre Changer for Wheels up to 24 "
The monty 3300 racing AT plus is a semi-automatic tire changer with reinforced mounting column and automatic mounting head with integrated finger . The processing of the tires is without tire levers .
Main Features:
Certified by wdk for gentle and user- friendly mounting and demounting of UHP and run-flat tires in line with OEM specifications
Standard equipped with easymont pro and plus kit for the processing of run-flat tires ( for PAX and CSR additional optional adapters required - clamping range up to 28 " )
Automatic mounting head with integrated finger
Reinforced mounting pillar , pneumatic back and forth tilting
Mounting column pneumatically locked in working position
Double-acting bead breaker cylinder
Mounting head is adjusted laterally and in height pneumatic wheels away
Self-centering four -jaw chuck
Plastic protection inside jaws and on mounting head to avoid damage to alloy rims
Ergonomic user- friendly position of pedals
Outer clamping range up to 24 "
Two turntable speeds
Controlled inflation
Mounted bead breaker blade supported in three joints
Bead breaker adjustable

easymont per auxiliary mounting bracket
easymont pro is an indispensable tool for mounting and demounting low profile tires and wheels with runflat tires .
So that the mounting head can be easily and gently positioned on the rim , the tire bead is pressed with the role in the drop center of the rim.
When disassembling the bead depressor presses the upper bead into the drop center of the rim. This allows it to be propped open without effort over the mounting and demounting .
When mounting the upper bead the roller retains the bead under the mounting head nose. The practical bead depressor with during rotation of the wheel, doing both tire and rim gently the otherwise tedious job of the operator .
The Bead breaking with the optional adjustable disc is done dynamically in the rotation , thus preserving rim and tire

Purpose of equipment

Hofmann monty 3300 racing AT plus tire changer, suitable for workshop use.

Price excl. VAT
5 340EUR
Price inkl. VAT
6 354.6EUR
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