2-Plate Brake Tester, axle load max. 4 t

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2-Plate Brake Tester, axle load max. 4 t
Technical dates

Brake tester/Test lane Max. load drivable 4000 kg

Brake tester Test platforms - Length of one platform 1760 mm

Brake tester Test platforms - Width of one platform 610 mm

Brake tester Test platforms - Height of one platform 50 mm

Test speed 5 km/h

Brake tester Width (mit Einbaurahmen) 1870 mm

Brake tester Height (mit Einbaurahmen) 62 mm

Brake tester Depth (mit Einbaurahmen) 710 mm

Drive-on/drive-off ramps Length per ramp 250 mm

Drive-on/drive-off ramps Width per ramp 610 mm

Drive-on/drive-off ramps Height per ramp 50 mm

Drive-on/drive-off ramps Total weight 6,5 kg

Display cabinet Measuring range 10 kN

Brake tester Test speed 5 km/h

Brake tester Weight 100 kg

Brake tester unit (W x D x H) 1870x710x62 mm

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February 18, 2014

Scope of supply:
Display unit with powerful luminanceLED`s and electronic controller board
2 fully galvanised test platesreinforced with a stretch mesh matting
15 m pre- cabling with plug
No foundationrequired, easy surface mounting, only 50 mm above ground,
Galvanised test plates, with rugged bearing system
Wearless, electronical DMS- measuring system
Large and easy to read LED- display
Easy installation, 240 V power supply

Purpose of equipment

2-Plate Brake Tester, axle load max. 4 t, suitable for workshop use.

Price excl. VAT
2 600EUR
Price inkl. VAT
3 094EUR
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