Roller Brake Tester Sherpa Kompakt 3.5

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Roller Brake Tester Sherpa Kompakt 3.5
Technical dates

Brake tester/Test lane Max. load drivable 4000 kg

Brake tester Axle weight max. 2000 kg

Brake tester Roller diameter 205 mm

Brake tester Roller length 700 mm

Brake tester Roller coefficient dry / wet 0,9 / 0,8

Brake tester Test width min. 800 mm

Brake tester Test width max. 2200 mm

Test speed 5 km/h

Brake tester Power supply 400 / 50 V/Hz

Brake tester Fuse rating, slow-blow 3 x 20 A

Brake tester Motor power 3,0 kW

Brake tester Width 2320 mm

Brake tester Height 240 mm

Brake tester Depth 680 mm

Display cabinet Measuring range 0 - 6 kN

Brake tester Test speed 5 km/h

Brake tester Weight 440 kg

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February 18, 2014

Scope ofsupply „BPS-Kompakt-3.5":

Galvanisedroller set with 12 m pre- cabling, welded roller profile
Electricalcontrol box with operating controls, main switchlockable
Pointer analogue display, with 12 m pre- cabling


Single frame galvanised roller bed
Low maintenance rollers with a welded steel surface grip structure
Large and smart analogue pointers for brake forces, weight and errorcode messaging
Tester control: Manual / automaticmode, delayed start automatic, wheel slip stop,pointer stop, re start automatic, stop automatic after leaving the tester, electronicstart control and drive off assistant.
Maintenancefree electronic transducers
Easy installation of roller set and display unit dueto pre- cabling and calibration.
With option„remote control Mechoscreen" the testers can be started and stopped manually in complete-andsingle wheel operation.
The automatic testprocess can be corrected and done manually. Furthermore all relevant masks canbe recalled and displayed again
With pointeranalogue display is for measuring data recalling and printing remotecontrol „Mechoscreen-S" (Option) required.
This remotecontrol is not only composed of receiver und transmitter, but has in addition apointer symbol display in the upperrange of the pointer analogue display. On this display the symbols front axle, handbrake,rear axle, weight and print are shown. The particular test steps can be seen bythe position of the gauge.
The measuringdata is stored to the pointer position automatically.
With remotecontrol, all stored measuring data can be recalled again and printed out via aconnected printer, by selecting the single symbols

Purpose of equipment

Roller Brake Tester Sherpa Kompakt 3.5, suitable for workshop use.

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4 462.5EUR
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