Midtronics EXP 1000 battery tester

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Midtronics EXP 1000 battery tester
Technical dates

Power supply AA alkaline batteries
Operating range of 6 - and 12-volt batteries
12 - and 24-volt starter
Classification range DIN 100 - 1000
EN 100-3000
IEC 100-1000
According to JIS
Part Number
SAE 100-3000
Display 128 x 64 pixel graphic, backlit display
Integrated temperature compensation temperature measurement when requested by the tester
Operating temperature 0 ° C-49 ° C (32 ° F-120 ° F)
Test wires 305 cm dual-conductor Kelvin clamps
Housing Material ABS plastic with Santoprene coating
Dimensions 23 cm x 10.2 cm x 6.5 cm
Weight 427 g
Protection case Durable hard shell design
Languages ​​24 languages

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February 18, 2014

Midtronics EXP 1000 - Advanced electrical diagnostic platform
The Midtronics EXP Expandable Electrical Diagnostic Platform 1000 represents the next generation of Handprüfgeräten dar. It allows you to access all parts of the vehicle electrical system ( battery and starter to generator ) accurately and reliably diagnose than ever before. The EXP 1000 combines one of the largest and highly readable display with the functions of a sophisticated test apparatus and a data management tools in a practical, handy device format.

Features Midtronics EXP 1000
Dynamic Conductance :
Breakthrough technology for testing batteries Midtronics for more accuracy and reliability in battery tests .
Direct temperature measurement:
Adds the Midtronics battery testing algorithms for a third dimension to thus improving the reliability and the ability to make more accurate decisions.
Deep Scan Test :
Uses multiple frequencies and checkpoints when the batteries . For more safety decision , so that customers do not charge more batteries with shorted , open or defective cells.
Improved diagnosis:
More features and expandability
Whether diagnoses for batteries , starters and generators or tests on circuit integrity : The Midtronics EXP- 1000 is the most versatile and reliable diagnostic tool for electrical systems , which is currently on the market . Because multiple tests can be performed with a device, you can work more efficiently and at lower cost , and update your device easily on the latest technologies.
Improved starter diagnosis:
With the optional current clamp a more comprehensive diagnosis only when testing the voltage drop in the starter is possible. The EXP Starter diagnosis includes the current draw of the starter , the voltage drop , the start time and the current loop stability of the starter , so it provides more accurate results.
Function digital signal processing (DSP) :
For a more advanced generator diagnosis, the Midtronics EXP 1000 used a sophisticated DSP function to the digital representation of the measured output voltage of the generator and evaluation of the spectral analysis of the signal. This digitized signal is the Midtronics EXP 1000 can combine pattern recognition with the amplitude of the AC signal to open or defective diodes and open phase to be able to locate and identify ( more defective diodes or winding problems ) better.
Areas of application:
Checks 6 - and 12 - volt batteries (including AGM , AGM Spiral and GEL batteries)
12 - and 24 -volt starting and charging systems

Purpose of equipment

Midtronics EXP 1000 battery tester, suitable for workshop use.

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