MMT-50F Drilling and Milling Machine

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MMT-50F Drilling and Milling Machine
Technical dates

Supply voltage 380 V
Power consumption of electric 850/1500 W
Maximum drilling diameter 50 mm
The maximum diameter of the end / end mills 80/32 mm
Maximum distance from spindle nose to table surface 430 mm
Flight spindle 320 mm
Spindle 120 mm
inner cone spindle Mk IV
Speed ​​range 230-1825 rev / min
Number of speeds 8
Tilt milling head ± 90 °
Table size 800x240 mm
Longitudinal travel of table 360 ​​mm
Lateral movement of the table 210 mm

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Origin of Manufacturer
March 05, 2015

new MMT-50F Drilling and Milling Machine

Price excl. VAT
250 000RUR
Price inkl. VAT
250 000RUR
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