Physiomed Hivamat® 200 Evident AESTHETICS

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Physiomed Hivamat® 200 Evident AESTHETICS
Technical dates

protection class 1, type BF
Mains connection 100 - 240 v
mains frequency 50 - 60 Hz
current consumption 0.15 A (at 230 V) or 0.3 A (at 115 V)
power consumption 35 vA
Output voltage max. 400 v
load impedance 10 milliohms
Output frequency 5-250 Hz
Dimensions (W x H x D) 260 x 350 x 370 mm
  (Screen unfolded)
weight 8.5 kg

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February 19, 2014

DEEP OSCILLATION® Evident AESTHETICS was designed for professional use in aesthetic treatment centres and clinics. It combines an appealing design and a broad range of functions. The rotatable and tiltable control unit with a large colour display and PHYSIOMED's one-button operation enables a fast and efficient selection of parameters. You can decide whether you would like to select the parameters quickly and directly or through one of your stored programs. You can also select a suggestion from the extensive treatment index including protocols for anti-aging, cellulite, post plastic surgery, liposuction and laser re-surfacing treatments. Appealing, indication-related animated cartoons and videos turn the treatment into a multimedia experience for the patient and offer you practical tips for the treatment.

DEEP OSCILLATION® is applied with special hand-held applicators. Different sizes ensure localized treatment as well as over a large area. Easily interchangeable treatment membranes guarantee a hygienic application.

The therapy unit on the special trolley makes an appealing mobile therapy station. The trolley's functional accessories drawer allows you to store all the necessary accessories, and you can easily access them using just one hand.

Individual programs as well as suggested treatments from the indication index can be easily stored on the DEEP OSCILLATION® therapy card and then be called up with DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal.This enables individualized, mobile therapy on the ward using DEEP OSCILLATION® Personal. The patient can also continue treatment according to your specifications while treating himself at home. This way you can guarantee the sustainability of your treatments until the next appointment in your clinic or treatment room.

Purpose of equipment

Safe, pleasant, and highly efficient aesthetic procedures with anti-aging effects and for cellulite. Faster recovery after plastic surgery, laser re-surfacing and other invasive methods of aesthetic medicine.

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7 800EUR
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9 282EUR
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