Wood-turning lathe Hager Front-STAR

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Wood-turning lathe Hager Front-STAR
Technical dates

Three-phase motor 400 V - 1.5 kW / 230 V AC
Distance between centers 700 mm, height 225 mm
speed range of 200-2600 rev / min
Main spindle thread M33 DIN800
hollow spindle Ø 20 mm inner cone MK 3, spindle handwheel
Reitstockpinolenweg 100 mm MK 2 - Pinole with measuring scale
The palmrest and tailstock with eccentric clamp
250 mm tool rest
Vierzackmitnehmer MK 3 and the rotating machine center MK 2
ejector rod for spindle
lathe base with mounting holes and set screws
(spindle storage Four gap - 2 deep groove ball bearings / deep groove ball bearing 2)
spindle center to the front assembling 935 mm
throat height floor to Handauflagenklemmung 670 mm
max. Passing through the palm Ø 300 mm

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May 28, 2015

new Wood-turning lathe Hager Front-STAR

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3 179.83EUR
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3 784EUR
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