SW11SNC-120х3000 Hydraulic bending machine

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SW11SNC-120х3000 Hydraulic bending machine
Technical dates

Control Type: Digital display for the upper roller
Max. Force lowering the upper roller (tons): 1600
Max. The thickness of the sheet: 120 mm
Max. Thickness predgiba sheets: 100 mm
Max. Sheet width: 3000 mm
Yield strength: ≤245 Mpa
Excessive straight edge predgiba: ≤2 ~ 2.9 × thickness
The diameter of the upper roller: 900 mm
Diameter of lower roll: 560 mm
The distance between the centers of the two lower rolls 1080 mm
The number of support rollers: Group 1 (4 pieces)
Bending rate: 2.5 m / min
Drivetrain working roller: Mehinichesky drive two lower rollers
Main engine power: 63 × 2 kw
Hydraulic power: 55 kw
Engine power for the horizontal movement: 30 kw

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March 16, 2016

The main electrical components of low pressure: SCHNEIDER / OMRON
Programmable Controller PLC: Taiwan TAIDA
Touch screen (LCD): Taiwan HITECH
Materials Roller: 42CrMo materials precision forging
The cylinder for lowering: hardened steel # 45, the piston rod is made of tempered steel 45 #
O-ring: Japanese NOK
Bearing upper roller: large double-row bearings samoustanavlivayushiesya (ZWZ Dalian)
Bearing lower roller: oil-free self-lubricating bearings
Reducer drive the lower roller: gearbox with hard teeth (series ZSY)
The main motor: Wuxi (YZR series motor Lifting)
Hydraulic motor: Wuxi
Motor for horizontal movement of the lower roller: Wuxi
Hydraulic system: Haimen (China)

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311 965.81USD
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365 000USD
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