QC11K-12X3200 Hydraulic shears

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QC11K-12X3200 Hydraulic shears
Technical dates

Slice Thickness (450mpa): 12
Cutoff length: 3200
Throat Depth: 80
Rosstoyanie back gauge stroke: 750
shear angle: 0.5 ° ~ 2 ° 30 '
Every stroke: 5
Main engine power (kW): 15
Dimensions (mm): 3895h1950h2240
Gross (tons): 10

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May 10, 2016

1 Hydraulic, welded suport total suporta welding, strong and durable, used reverse akkumlyatora, stable and fast, hydraulic return stroke is adjusted, the noise is small, the movement reliable.
2 You can adjust the course suporta the width of the cut sheet. At the upper and lower cutter 4 sharp, can be used after repeated turning.
3 clamping device the cut sheet used alone cylinder compact mass. At the bottom of each cylinder for pressing the mass installed plastic stand to prevent scratching parts.
4 digital control system is a closed system upravlayuschey. The rate of large, high accuracy, good stability, which ensures the movement of the back gauge for accuracy. At the same time digital control system has a compensatory function and auto-checking and other many features.
5 Rear gate (zdnego meter mechanism) uses a ball screw drive without backlash.

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20 683.76USD
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24 200USD
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