1-color offset printing machine Ryobi 9980

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1-color offset printing machine Ryobi 9980
Technical dates

Poppy. sheet size (mm) 340 x 450
 Min. sheet size (mm) 90 x 130
 Paper thickness (mm) 0.04 - 0.3
 Min. image area (mm) 330 x 438
 Mounting indentation (mm) 8
 Size shape (mm) 335 x 485
 offset rubber Size (mm) 330 x 496
 The printing speed (pages per hour) 3 - 10.000
 supply system sheets Universal, pneumatic suction cups 12
 The height of the foot on a table feeder (mm) 440
 The height of the foot on the receiving table (mm) 510
 Registration System Pin System
 16 inking rollers (3)
 Crestline dampening system
 Dampening rollers 4 (1)
 The range of the vertical register is (mm) +/- 20
 The range of the horizontal register control (mm) +/- 2
 Power supply 220V 50/60 Hz
 Power consumption 1.8 kW
 Dimensions 2190 x 915 x 1260
 Weight (kg) 780

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Year of construction
May 27, 2016

Inking unit consisting of an 16 rollers, including 3 different rolling diameter. Standard - Pin register control system and lateral alignment. The maximum image area of ​​330 x 438 mm. Through humidification system "Crestline" A.B.Dick 9980 allows to obtain bright colors and sharp halftones that define high-quality printing. Humidification regardless of the ink system tract, eliminates their mutual penetration. One advantage of this system is the ability to use the fountain solution does not contain alcohol, which makes it possible to expand the range of special inks used including gold and silver paint.

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150 000RUR
Price inkl. VAT
177 000RUR
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