Lathe 1М63Н (1М63)

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Lathe 1М63Н (1М63)
Technical dates

Maximum diameter of the workpiece:
installed over bed, mm 700
processed over bed, mm 630
processed over bed, mm 350
Maximum length of the workpiece, mm 3000
The diameter of the cylindrical hole in the spindle 105 mm
Flanged end of the spindle according to DIN 11M
Number of spindle speeds 22 steps
Range of spindle speed, rev / min 10 - 1250
The amount of innings:
longitudinal mm / 0.06 - 1.4
cross-mm / 0.024 - 0.518
compound slide mm / 0.019 - 0.434
The magnitude of the steps threading:
metric, 1 mm - 224
inch, threads / inch 28 - 0.25
module, module 0.25 - 56
pitchevyh, pitch diameter. 112 - 0.5
The accelerated movement of support, m / min:
longitudinal 5.2
cross 2
Drive power, kW 15
The greatest weight of workpiece in centers, kg 3500

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August 16, 2016

High drive power and rigidity of the machine, a broad array of frequency spindle and feeds allow full use of advanced tools for handling various materials.

Design features a lathe 1M63:
• rigidity, vibration resistance and thermal stability allows the design to obtain the necessary precision machining;
• 2 prismatic guide frame in combination with the high reliability of other nodes provide a long service life of the machine while maintaining the accuracy of the original;
• Reverse spindle rotation speed is 1.3 times higher than the direct, which reduces the processing time of threads;
• turning long cones made while performing longitudinal feed slide and compound slide feed them with a corresponding turn;
• feed box has a high rigidity of the kinematic chain has 2e remote electromagnetic coupling feed switch without stopping the machine;
• All power gears kinematic chain made from alloy steel, hardened and ground;
• fencing cutting area and the cartridge, electrical and mechanical interlocks ensure safe operation of the machine.

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2 118 644.07RUR
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2 500 000RUR
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