Carousel Lathe 1525

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Carousel Lathe 1525
Technical dates

with lateral slide in 1525
The largest diameter of the product being processed vertical and lateral slides, mm 2500
Maximum height of the workpiece, mm 1600
Faceplate diameter, mm 2240
Maximum weight of installed workpiece, kg
when 1,25..40 faceplate turns per minute -
when 1,6..50 revs per minute faceplate 16000
at 50..63 faceplate turns per minute -
at 160 revs per minute 1900 Faceplate
at 63..80 revs per minute 8000 Faceplate
Vertical calipers
The number of vertical supports 2
The largest horizontal displacement, mm 1390
Maximum vertical displacement, 1200 mm
Graduation limb horizontal and vertical displacement of 0.05 mm
The horizontal and vertical displacement per revolution of the dial, 2.5 mm
Maximum angle of rotation of the slide caliper 30 degrees
Graduation limb rotation slide caliper, min 1
Graduation slide caliper scale rotation, deg 1
Maximum dimensions of the cross section of the toolholder (width x height), mm 40 x 63
adjusting travel speed, mm / min 5..1800
Maximum shifting, mm 1240
movement speed, mm / min 360
The switching stops available
Locking movement during cutting There
Mechanics Turning and turning machines in 1525
Number faceplate speeds 18
The number of revolutions per minute of the faceplate with the forward and reverse rotation, rev / min 1,6..80
The number of supports 18 innings
Vertical and horizontal feed support, mm / rev 0,04..16
Maximum permissible cutting force two slides, kgf 6700
Speed ​​adjusting movement of support, mm / min 5..1800

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August 16, 2016

The machine in 1525 the complex of works on repair and modernization of: rounding rails, a rolling demolition and replacement of all bearings with new ones. A new cabinet with the electric drive of the Dutch company "Delta", the new remote control.
We have replaced all the new cable production.
A complete set of technical documentation (User Manual machine 1525).
Implemented painting and assembly, as well as a test run at our production facilities.
The accuracy of the machine parameters correspond to 1525 passport data.

Price excl. VAT
8 474 576.27RUR
Price inkl. VAT
10 000 000RUR
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