FU350MR Horizontal milling machine

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FU350MR Horizontal milling machine
Technical dates

Type horizontal
Rotary table
Accuracy class according to GOST 8-82 P
Table working surface, mm 315 x 1250
Cone ISO-50 tool
Longitudinal table travel, mm 850
Transverse movement of the compound slide, mm 270
Vertical movement of the console, 355 mm
Distance from horizontal spindle axis to table working surface, mm 45 ... 400
Distance from horizontal spindle axis to guide the proboscis, mm 150
horizontal spindle rotation speed, rev / min 28 ... 1400
Range of table feeds, mm / min longitudinal and transverse 16 ... 800
vertical 5 ... 250
Rapid traverse of the table, mm / min longitudinal and transverse 3150
vertical 1000
Maximum spindle torque Nm 925
Rotate the table, degrees ± 45
Drive power, kW 5.5 Main movements
Feed table 1.5
Maximum weight of workpiece fixtures, kg 1000

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August 16, 2016

Knee-type milling machines FU350MR produced by the German company license "HEKKERT". According to its technical characteristics, they correspond to the Russian Milling Plant "ZEFS" (Nizhny Novgorod), but exceed their technological capabilities and quality characteristics.
For an additional fee FU350MR machines equipped invoice vertical milling head. The main advantages of machine tools FU350MR:
The main components are made of cast iron of GI25, have an optimum shape and greater rigidity.
Teflon covers of the table and rack has good sliding properties and running properties, which provides stability of accuracy parameters for a long time.
Maximum load on the table - 1000 kg.
Availability of automatic processing cycles (pendulum milling, milling with rapid hopping on a rectangular loop milling in three dimensions) allows the use of machines not only in small-scale, but also in large-scale production. Available console lowering mechanism eliminates the touch surface finish instrument in the reverse rapid traverse table.
Availability table clamp mechanism for passing feed into the longitudinal coordinate provides the necessary rigidity and eliminates vibration. Milling Co-filing allows effective treatment of deep grooves and details from high-strength materials.
The high precision of machine can produce parts of the highest quality; for example, the surface flatness of the table over the entire length does not exceed 16 microns. The modular design makes it easy to repair as much as possible the machine if it is necessary.

Purpose of equipment

Belarusian horizontal milling FU350MR machine is designed for a variety of milling operations cylindrical, end, end, shaped and other cutters.

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1 991 525.42RUR
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2 350 000RUR
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