2А554 Radial Drilling Machine

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2А554 Radial Drilling Machine
Technical dates

The largest conventional drilling diameter 50 mm
Maximum diameter of thread cutting, mm (steel) M52
Supply voltage, V 380
The distance from the lower spindle nose to working surface: max 1600
The distance from the lower spindle nose to working surface: a minimum of 450
Spindle taper KM5
Main drive power, kW 5.5
Departures spindle (max / min), 1600/375 mm
Accuracy class GOST 8-82 H
The diameter of the column, 315 mm
Clamp sleeves on the machine column
Clip column in the base avtoamt
Spindle, mm: the largest turnover on the wheel 315
The total angle of rotation of the sleeve around the column, hail. 360⁰
Disconnecting supply on reaching the drilling depth the machine
Spindle Turning reverse when the set automatic thread depth
Working Size (foundation) board surface, mm width / length 1020/2555
Dimensions of T-slots mm (count / width / distance) 4/22/160
Table working surface dimensions, mm: length / width -
Maximum vertical movement of the sleeve along the column, mm, not less than 750
The greatest movement of the drill head on the sleeve, mm 1225
Number of spindle speeds 24 steps
Spindle speed, rev / min 18 ... 2000
The number of workers 24 innings steps
Limits of innings spindle mm / 0.045 ... 5.0
The highest spindle torque Nm 7100
Maximum feed force, N 20

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September 06, 2016

Radial drilling machine 2A554 produces drilling and boring manufacturing processes over the medium or large in size workpieces or articles.

Technological capabilities of radial drilling machine 2A554:
-proizvodit machining cylindrical, tapered or stepped bore or blind bore type (tapping, reaming drilling, core drilling, reaming, centering, boring, chamfering, tsekovanie)

Features of radial drilling machine 2A554:

-construction machine provides normal grade of accuracy of the machine.

-rukav moving around the axis of the column, it allows to expand the working area of ​​the machine and to carry out drilling operations outside of the foundation plate.

-fundamentnaya plate has a design 3 T-shaped groove for fastening of machine tools, fixing the workpiece on the machine.

-shpindelnaya head moves along the arm of the machine, provides processing of sets of holes on the details without having to reinstall the workpiece or article.

-Handling holes occurs by means of a vertical quill feed with the cutting tool spindle head, the other movements of the machine are mounting and positional.

-18-Speed ​​gearbox provides smooth control of spindle speed.

-zazhim sleeve on the column is provided by a hydraulic drive.

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1 355 932.2RUR
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1 600 000RUR
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