FU450MRApUG Universal milling machine

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FU450MRApUG Universal milling machine
Technical dates

Accuracy class H
spindle unit parameters: power horizontal spindle drive 11 kW
Power of innings, 2.2 kW
Coolant pump power, kW 1.8
spindle assembly options: a horizontal spindle range rpm / min 28-1400
spindle unit parameters: ISO-50 taper vertical spindle
spindle unit parameters: Power vertical spindle drive 11 kW
spindle assembly options: Vertical spindle speed range r / min 28 ... 1600
spindle unit parameters: the angle of rotation of the spindle head 45 degrees
The largest mechanical table travel mm: Longitudinal 1120
Table working surface dimensions, mm: length 1600
Table working surface dimensions, mm: 400 Width
Maximum load on the table (in the middle), kg 1500
Rotate the table, 45 degrees
The greatest mechanical movement of the table, mm cross 345
The greatest mechanical movement of the table, mm: 630 vertical
High speed table, mm / min: longitudinal (X) 3150
Quick table travel, mm / min: transverse (Y) 3150
High speed table, mm / min: vertical (Z) 1000

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September 07, 2016

Technological capabilities FU450MRApUG machine:
-technological possibilities are realized by means of vertical and horizontal spindle unit, which makes it very Shirokouniversalny machine

-It all kinds of milling: flat and shaped surfaces, grooves, gears, inclined planes, angles, etc...

Features Shirokouniversalny machine FU450MRApU:

- Cast iron base parts of machine nodes provide rigidity and vibration design of the machine itself, which increases the accuracy of the sizes in the process of cutting.

'head of the vertical spindle unit is rotated in both directions at 45⁰, providing a wide range of technological possibilities of machining inclined workpiece planes or products.

- The machine is equipped with two spindle units, which give all the technological cutting machine features.

-The ability to load as heavy and large parts up to 1000 kg.

are the direction of sliding of the base member coated with Teflon, which allows not only to reduce the coefficient of friction, which makes the machine running smoothness at start of movement of the table, but also increased durability guide the machine, which ensures a constant geometric accuracy of the machine.

-oborudovan table clamp, which dampens vibration during machining mode.

-RFU motors up to 11 kW at both spindle units (horizontal and vertical), providing high-speed cutting conditions.

Purpose of equipment

Machine FU450MRApUG Shirokouniversalny type allows all kinds of milling by means of two spindle units arranged in horizontal and vertical position.

It is used in small-scale and commercial type of machine-building production.

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3 144 067.8RUR
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3 710 000RUR
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