Lathe Bernardo Smart 410

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Lathe Bernardo Smart 410
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Technical dates

Distance between centers
1500 mm
Center height
205 mm
Swing over bed
410 mm
Swing over gap
580 mm
Swing over cross slide
255 mm
Bed width 250 mm
Spindle bore
52 mm
Spindle nose fixture
DIN 55029, D1 - 6
Speed range
(16) 45 - 1800 rpm
Longitudinal feed
(17) 0,05 - 1,7 mm/rev.
Cross feed
(17) 0,025 - 0,85 mm/rev.
Metric thread
(42) 0,2 - 14 mm
Inch thread
(45) 2 - 72 threads/1“
Diameter of tailstock sleeve
50 mm
Travel of tailstock sleeve
120 mm
Taper of tailstock sleeve
MT 4
Motor power
3,3 kW (4,5 HP)
Machine dimension (W x D x H) 2530 x 1000 x 1450 mm
Weight approx.
1810 kg

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March 02, 2014

The Smart 410 x 1500 universal lathe is a fantastic model for small to medium-size turning works. Even its basic configuration includes important accessories, such as 3-jaw chuck, steady and follow rest, change gears etc. increasing the application area of this model significantly.

Purpose of equipment

Lathe Bernardo Smart 410, Digital Display, suitable for professional metal processing.

Price excl. VAT
7 895EUR
Price inkl. VAT
9 395.05EUR
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