HOMAG KAL 210/7/A20/S2 Edgebander machine

Woodworking equipment / Edge Banding

HOMAG KAL 210/7/A20/S2 Edgebander machine
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Elect./Voltage: 400/440 V, 50/60 Cy, 3 Ph.
HOMAG KAL 210/7/A20/S2 ... Edgebander with Pre-Milling & Corner Rounding (4) Motor:Working Capacity:Edge thickness, coiled stock min/max, 0.3 - 3 mm (0.012. - 0.112"), straight edges, min/max. 0.4 - 20 mm (0.016 - 0.788"), panel thickness min/max. 12 - 60 mm (0.472 - 2.362"). Equipped with: -- Pre-Milling Station: Two vertical jointing spindles, KW 3.0 x 2 (HP 4.0 x 2) - 150 Hz, 9,000 RPM Motors; equipped with panel blowoff device and SIKO digital counters for adjustments. -- Panel Pre-Heat Unit: Quartz lamp for heating substrate edge before glue application. -- Edge Magazine Combination: Strip processing and (2) - coil vertical magazine for quick coil changeover. -- Gluing System A 20: EVA (Hot Melt), Quick Melt hopper feeder & roller applicator (reversible). -- Pressure Section "C": Servo controlled with (1) Large 150 mm dia. driven & (6) idle rollers; automatic servo adjusting pressure zone through program for varying edge [...]: -- End Trimming Unit HL 84: KW 0.8 x 2 (HP 1.0 x 2) - 200 Hz, 12,000 RPM Motor ea. to cut excess edge on the front & back of the panel; pneumatic adjusting from chamfer to straight snip. -- Rough/Pre-Trimming Unit: Top & bottom, KW 1.5 x 2 (HP 2.0 x 2) - 12,000 RPM ea. motor. Height adjustment with the top pressure-beam and swivelling range +/- 1°. -- Profile Trimming / Corner Rounding "FF 12" Unit: Equipped with (4) motors for fine or profile trimming upper and lower edge, as well as trimming around the front & rear edge. KW 0.4 x 4 (HP 0.54 x 4) motor ea. -- Free Workspace: For possible future Working Unit like Grooving Unit UF 10. -- Profile Scraping Unit PN 10: Top & bottom for thick PVC/ABS, pneumatically activated -- Flat Glue Scraper Unit: Top & bottom to remove potential glue squeeze-out. -- Buffing Unit: Top & bottom edge polishing. Complete With: -- Power Control PC 22: Controller functions in Windows environment and features: Keypad w/LCD flat screen display, fault diagnostic, OS9 real-time operating system. -- Variable feed-speed from 18 - 25 MPM (59 - 82 FPM); 80 mm feed track pads, and V-groove belt on top pressure beam which is motorized; motorized raising & lowering of top pressure beam through program selection. -- Spraying Units: (1) for antisticking on in-feed side of the machine, (1) prior to Buffing Unit for edge polishing. -- Other Features: SIKO Digital adjustments; electronic DC brakes on all trim motors, sound cabins for all trim workstations, standard adjustable outboard panel support.

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October 13, 2016

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