IMA NOVIMAT Edgebander machine

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IMA NOVIMAT Edgebander machine
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Elect./Voltage: 400 V, 50/60 Cy, 3 Ph.
IMA Novimat Concept I / G80/650/R3, ... [...] Glue EdgebanderBasic Specifications:Edgebanding capacity, 0.3 - 3 mm; (0.012 - 0.118"), panel thickness min/max 8 - 60 mm (0.315 - 2.362").Equipped With: -- Spraying Unit, antisticking solvent, top buttom application. -- Panel In-feed System, extended hold-down beam section with sliding table panel support. -- Pre-Milling Unit 08.378, with KW 4.5 x 2 (HP 6 x 2) vertical joining spindles, [...] controlled, both w/jump movement and reversible rotation, SIKO digital readouts, particle & debris air jet blower. -- Glue System 04.1570: [...] Glue with (2) overhead Quick Melt Units. -- Side Pressure Section: [...] controlled, pressure rollers w/individual pneumatic pressure control for each roll -- Edge Magazine: Vertical (2) coil with servo edge-feeding and HD [...]: -- End Trimming Unit 08.0555: High speed, double motor KW 0.66 x 2 (HP 0.88 x 2) suspended from the hold-down beam, automatic chamfer adjustment 0° - 15° for speeds up to 32 m/min (105 ft./min). -- Rough Trimming Unit 08.0555: Top & bottom flush triming, KW 1.0 x 2 (HP 1.34 x 2) - 12,000 RPM ea. motor, superimposed motors operate against the feed (up-milling), vertical & horizontal tracing wheels, digital readouts for adjustments. -- Fine Trimming Unit: Top & bottom, multi profile, [...] controlled, KW 1.5 x 2 (HP 2.0 x 2) - 12,000 RPM motors, bevels 0°-30°, vertical & horizontal tracing wheels, digital read-outs for manual adjustments. -- Multi Function Unit, 08.348: Top & bottom KW 0.66 x 2 (HP 0.88 x 2) motors with (4) star-type rotating tool positions for multi ptofiles and Corner Rounding trimming functions. -- Profile Edge Scraping Unit 08.516: Top & bottom, multi profile (4) positions [...] controlled scrapers for up to 3 mm thick PVC banding, vertical & horizontal tracing wheels, digital readouts for adjustments, chip extraction system for scraping unit. -- Glue Scraping Unit 08.521: Flat, top & bottom self-tracing glue scraper, [...] controlled. -- Buffing Unit 08.6174: Double Stage, (2) top & (2) bottom KW 0.18 x 4 (HP 0.25 x 4) - 3,000 RPM ea. motor. -- Worksation Space: Empty position for possible future worksation addition. -- Grooving Unit 08.190: KW 4.5 x 1 (HP 6.0 x 1) tilting grooving spindle with digital read-outs for [...] With: -- Control System ICOS OPEN, Large color LCD display; displays stored data, on/off work station sequence, troubleshooting diagnostic; data input by alphanumeric keyboard. Microprocessor adjusts according to stored programs or input; pressure section position & pressure control, vertical positioning of all hold-down beam mounted workstations. -- Heavy Duty "sliding" feed chain with 80 mm wide x 60 mm long rubber pad inserts, central lubrication of transort chain, variable feed speed 6 - 30 MPM (20 - 98 FPM); -- Motorized central height adjustment of top pressure beam with double V-belt hold-down. -- Frequency inverters; ball bearing guided outboard panel support up to 27-1/2", sound enclosure, all stations, all trimming & milling motors DC electrical motor brakes for immediate stopping. -- Spraying Unit with polishing solvent prior to Buffing Station.

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October 13, 2016

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