SCMI OLIMPIC K 560 Edgebander machine

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SCMI OLIMPIC K 560 Edgebander machine
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Elect./Voltage: 230 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
SCM Olimpic K 560 ... Air Fusion Edgebander with Pre-Milling & Corner RoundingWorking Capacities:Edge thickness min./max. 0.4 mm - 8.0 mm (0.016 - 5/16"). ~ Panel height min./max. 9 mm - 55 mm (3/8" - 2-1/8"). Min. panel length 140 mm (5-1/2"), Min. panel width 60 mm (2-3/8").Front-End Equipped With: -- Adjustable In-feed Fence: Manually adjustable with mechanical digital readout for determening stock removal. -- Anti-Adhesive: Top/bottom spray nozzels with independent tanks prior to pre-milling to prevent potential glue build-up after the gluing systems. -- Pre-Milling Station, RT-V: PLC controlled jump action, L/R turning, 2 x 2.0 HP vertical spindles with diamond cutter heads. -- Edge Magazine: Automatic for strip & coiled edge material w/Heavy Duty 3 mm PVC cap. guillotine. -- Side Pressure Section: Total of (4) teflon coated pressure rollers. The 1st. roller is larger and powered with independent pneumatic air pressure controlls. The complete units position is programmable by means of a servo motor. Dual Gluing Systems: -- Conventional EVA Glue (Hot Melt) Tank: For all commonly used edge materials. strips or coils. Teflon coated with glue roller application system complete w/automatic recycling device for unused glue, digital thermostat adjustment for temperature control. -- Air Fusion AF 15 (SCHUGOMA Kanten King): High temperature compressed air blower nozzle for applying coextruded and/or preglued edgematerial. complete with spraymist device to cool down the edge after the Side Pressure Section. Feed Speed 15 m/min (49 f/min) at 30 mm (1.181") edge height, max., 65 mm (2-9/16"). Power required to operate this system 10.5 KW. heat-up time 15 min. Workstations: -- End Trimming Station, K-SEL 2: Double motor front & rear end trimming, 1/2 HP - 12,000 RPM motor ea.), tilts based on (2) pre-set positions flush/bevel. End trimmers mounted on 45° THK guide. -- Top & Bottom Trimming Station R-HP: Multi edge 2R profile, flush/bevel/radius trimmer (0.7 HP - 12,000 RPM motors) w/4-axes programmable servo positioning from control panel. -- Corner Rounding Unit, ROUND-X: Multi edge 2R for top & bottom of leading & trailing corner when edgebanding all (4) sides. Programmable servo postioning of 2-axis (2 x 0.5 HP - 1200 RPM motors). -- Profile Scraping Station, RAS: Multi Edge 2R, top & bottom PVC Scraper for up to 3 mm radius. Programmable, 4-axis servo positioning motors. -- Spray Mist Device: Top/bottom positioned before the Flat Glue Scraper to improve panel cleaning and polishing of the edge. -- Flat Glue Scraper, RC-V: Top/Bottom to remove possible glue resedue, w/copy bearings and programmable pneumatic postioning. -- Buffing Unit, SP-V: Top/Bottom, 2 x 0.25 HP - 2,800 RPM motors, tilt up to 12° for a more effective use of the buffing [...] & Speed:Two speed, 40 & 60 FPM, 2.0 HP drive; heavy 3/4" drive chain with chain pads traveling on round & flat [...] with: -- Startouch Controller, 12" color touch screen with graphic display of all working units (can store up to 100 preset programs), swivels 270° and tilts for operating convenience and easy viewing. -- Complete Servo Package, all worksations including the hold-down bridge are programmable allowing edge changes without manual interference by the operator. -- Frequency Inverters, for all cutting/trimming motors w/automatic motor brakes. -- Safety/Sound Hoods over all workstations to reduce noise and prevent eccidents. NOTE: This machine is Brand New and still factory packed. It comes with full Factory Warranty and depending on final location may include Factory Start-Up & Training, subject to confirmation. Includes a 10 KVA Transformer, Input 230/480/600 Volt, Output 400 [...] Model No: OLIMPIC K 560 HP T-ER2

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October 13, 2016

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