Four cutter machine Holzmann VS 620

Woodworking equipment / Four Side Planers

Four cutter machine Holzmann VS 620
Technical dates

max. / min. Working width / max. / Min. working width 20-200mm
min. / max. Working thickness / min. / Max. working thickness 8-120mm
infeed table extension / table extension 2145mm
number of working spindles / number of operating spindles 6
spindle speed / spindle speed 6000
spindle diameter / 40mm spindle diameter
Ø-sectional area of ​​work spindle diameter cutting circle min / max
first among spindle / 1st bottom spindle 110-145
right spindle / right spindle 110-180
left spindle / left spindle 110-180
first upper spindle / 1st top spindle 110-180
second upper spindle / 2nd top spindle 108-180
second lower spindle / 2nd bottom 108-180
engine power first under spindle / spindle motor 1st bottom power (100%) 5.5 kW
engine power right spindle / spindle motor right power (100%) 4kW
engine power left spindle / spindle motor power left (100%) 4kW
engine power first upper spindle / spindle motor 1st top power (100%) 5.5 kW
engine power second upper spindle / spindle motor 2nd top power (100%) 5.5 kW
engine power second lower spindle / spindle motor power 2nd top ( 100%) 5.5 kW
Motor power of feeding / Feeding motor power (100%) 4kW
engine power feed beam rise & fall / feed beam rise & fall motor power (100%) 1.1 kW
Engine Performance Total / Total motor power (100%) 35.1 kW
feed speed / feed speed 6-24 m / min
Extraction / dust pipe diameter 130mm

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March 08, 2014

new Four cutter machine Holzmann VS 620

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