Untha RS 30 4S Wood shredder

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Untha RS 30 4S Wood shredder
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Technical dates
Engine power

Wood chipper Untha RS 30 4S
- The machine in stock
- Reconditioned
- technical condition
Technical parameters:
- The power of 11 kW
- Four shafts
- Length of the rotor 400 mm
- Rotor diameter 200 mm
- The diameter of the exhaust nozzle of 200 mm
- Year 1995
- Dimensions of the hopper 120 cm x 100 cm
Overall dimensions machine:
- Length 140 cm
- Width 130 cm
- Height 200 cm
- Weight 600 kg
The reliability of the grinders of this series of results from one side of the massive solid steel structure, on the other hand with the application of durable cutting mechanism. Four-slow-speed shredders are resistant to interference and failures, virtually maintenance-free. With the arrangement of self-haul chopper material need not be equipped with a hydraulic slide, which minimizes the need for maintenance of the machine. Low speed cutting shafts reduces noise and dust of the user.
These machines are particularly efficient thanks to the combination of high torque with a large screen surface and are often operated in a mode for a few changes. In the event of a disturbing factor shredder automatically switches off, thus avoiding major damage and loss. Additionally chopper is equipped with a system to reverse the direction of rotation, which provides protection against engine load.

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October 21, 2016

used Untha RS 30 4S Wood shredder

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