BURKLE ODWMP 1734/12 Membrane Press

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BURKLE ODWMP 1734/12 Membrane Press
Technical dates
Размеры рабочей поверхности
4000 x 1600

Elect./Voltage: 460 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
BURKLE ODWMP 1734/12 MEMBRANE PRESSComplete Press Line for the lamination of 3D Veneer or flat pressing and flat pressing of laminates. -- Complete Press Line includes: -- (1) Loading belt with Polyurethane coating, 1,600 mm x 4,000 mm (63" x 157-1/2") belt with markings on the conveyor for cylinder rows and the maximum useful width. -- (1) BURKLE Single daylight Press, model "ODWMP 1734/12"; 1,700 mm x 3,400 mm (67" x 134") heating platens, 1,550 mm x 3,100 mm (61" x 122") useful working area. -- Max. operating temperature on the surface of the heating platens is 150° C (302° F); loading on the 1,700 mm (67") side. -- 5,800 kN (638 tons) Total pressure; 121 N/cm² (172 PSI) max. specific hydraulic pressure flat pressing; 100 N/cm² (142 PSI) max. specific hydraulic pressure for membrane pressing; 6 bar (85 PSI) max. specific pneumatic pressure. -- (10) 160 mm (6-1/4") Dia. downstroke pistons; (2) transverse rows of cylinders to be isolated by a push button in the control desk; (2) thermal oil heated platens. -- (1) Outfeed roller track for the unloading of panels from the Press. -- Complete with: Vacuum pump; (1) membrane clamping device; (1) membrane cloth; (1) Control Desk for operation of the Press; (1) Switch cabinet with PLC. -- Approx. weight of 103,400 Lbs (47,000 kg). -- This Press will do Veneer, but not PVC.

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Year of construction
October 31, 2016

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