ORMA PM-AIR 23-09 Membrane Press

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ORMA PM-AIR 23-09 Membrane Press
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Elect./Voltage: 380 V, 50 Cy, 3 Ph.
Designed for lamination of pre-shaped & glued panels with Veneer, PVC & Polypropylene films with the use of a membrane; works well with thick PVC and especially well with Veneer since it applies positive, direct pressure to the profiled/contoured surface. This concept allows for cycle times as short as (1.5 - 2) Min depending on the Veneer thickness. -- Manual loading/unloading tray "flame cut" steel frames; platen dimensions: 2300 mm X 900 mm (90.5" X 35.4"), front loading in the 90" direction, total daylight opening approx. 10", max. workpiece thickness 2-1/8", max. have 160 tons of pressure that generate a specific pressure -- Lower platen with embedded membrane,; membrane filled with "silicone" type heating medium which is heated by lower platen; this lower and the top steel platen are drilled for hot water or thermal oil heating, currently setup for diathermic oil heating; approx. 130° operating temperature. -- Design feature: (8) Large dia. upstroke hydraulic cylinder/rams 100 mm Dia. (centered in a row), move the lower mobile press platen w/membrane into the closed position and locks it in place with hydraulic pressure cylinders. -- Integrated 25 kW electrical resistance diathermic oil heating system; fully integrated hydraulic system and free standing separate electrical operator control panel. --

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Year of construction
October 31, 2016

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