RIBEX ROBO Memebrane Vacuum Press

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RIBEX ROBO Memebrane Vacuum Press
Technical dates
Размеры рабочей поверхности
2870 x 1440

Elect./Voltage: 220 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
RIBEX ROBO, [...] Press - Single Table, with or without Membrane. "High End" Model, "new generation" RIBEX Vacuum Press Machines used for 3D lamination of PVC foils to MDF board. -- RIBEX Vacuum Press Technology is ideal for doors and panels for kitchens, bathrooms, and furniture applications. PLC Controlled Unit with capacity for (100) Programs. -- RAYTEK Digital heating sensors; Interior Cooling Fans. - Optional (not included) Silicone membrane allows the machine to laminate veneers, as well as the other laminating products to the MDF board. -- Optional ROBO Magnetic System for support of the workpiece on the worktable (PATENTED), included (see below).Standard Specifications: -- Ergonomic body design, CE (European Norm), ISO 9001 certified products. -- Features: Worktable safety sensors, automatic temperature control, options for single or dual table control, independent vacuum, and temperature system; Thermofoil PVC unwind stand. -- Dimensions & Capacity: Table frame dimension of 2,870 mm x 1,440 mm (112" x 64") and 2,710 mm x 1,230 mm (106" x 48-3/8") usable area; max. working thickness of 90 mm (3-1/2"). -- BECKER Vacuum Pump: Motor power of 2.2 kW (3 HP) with a cap. of 150 cbm/Hr (90 CFM); noise Limit 68 dBA -- Max. temperature of 200° C (392° F); approx. operation/cycle time (4 - 5) Minutes. -- Total Power of 26.5 kW. -- Approx. weight of single table is 1,350 kG (2,970 Lbs) and double table approx. 1,750 kG (3,850 Lbs).Optional Equipment: -- ROBO Magnetic System to support the workpiece, raising it off the worktable. -- Divisible table to use material efficiently. -- 2nd Table preparation for single table machines. -- Extra Thermofoil PVC Stand/Rack. -- Silicone membrane [...] Offer: -- Includes (250) pieces ROBO Magnets (for each worktable); divided worktable setup, PVC loading magazine. -- Free Internet connection with Free HMI service.

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Year of construction
October 31, 2016

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