SCHULTZFORM VF44 Membrane Press

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SCHULTZFORM VF44 Membrane Press
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Elect./Voltage: 208/230 V, 60 Cy, 3 Ph.
SCHULTZFORM VF44 thermo-forming equipment is designed to take both vinyl film rolls and sheet stock. -- Doors, panels, carvings, etc., are placed on the vacuum forming grill. The decorative film is placed over the top of these and sealed, air tight, around the perimeter. The film or sheet is heated until pliable. At that moment, a vacuum is applied to the underside. -- Because of the porosity of most wood materials, the film or sheet is drawn down skin-tight over the item, following every minute detail. While the air beneath the film is being exhausted, the outside air exerts pressure, 10 to 13 [...] to the top side creating a sandwich effect. This atmospheric difference also produces excellent adhesive bonding. The finished parts normally require a short cooling period until they may be removed and trimmed. -- Features: variable vacuum draw, reverse air pressure, large 5 to 1 ratio surge tank, fast rotary lubricated vacuum pump, 10" drape height, front control panel, 30" Hg. vacuum gauges. -- SPECIFICATIONS: surface width 48.25" X surface length of 54"

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Year of construction
October 31, 2016

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