Wood waste grinder JBM 1040 MDX

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Wood waste grinder JBM 1040 MDX
Technical dates
Engine power

Type of motor 4 cylinder Kubota - Diesel
Engine performance 58,8 kW (80 hp) / 73,6 kW (100 hp)

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Muellers & Backhaus GmbH & Co. KGGermanyGermany
February 04, 2014

To chip extreme amounts of shrubbery and logs up to 270 mm we developed the JBM 1040 series of wood chippers.

Purpose of equipment

The amply dimensioned intake of 400x280 mm enables effortless feeding of the wood chipper. In case of customer need it can be assisted by a hydraulic roller opening system. Like all the other wood chippers the intake happens by 2 milled, hydraulic driven rollers.

The JBM 1040 MDX is driven by a 100 hp Kubota-turbo-diesel-motor, which is characterised by calm operating characteristics and a high torque over a huge speed range.

JBM Holzzerkleinerer 1040 MDX Hatz Motor
Wood Chipper JBM 1040 MDX Hatz Motor
The production of calibrated wood pieces for heating systems is possible by using the JBM-screening systems.

You as a customer can select a lot of additional equipment like anti-locking system for rollers, integrated feed belt into the funnel or an additional silent package to get the optimal wood chipper for your application.

Price excl. VAT
42 016.81EUR
Price inkl. VAT
50 000EUR
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