Surface Grinding Machine 3Л722В

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Surface Grinding Machine 3Л722В
Technical dates

Accuracy class according to GOST 8-82 In
Table working surface dimensions, mm: length 1250
Table working surface dimensions, mm: 320 Width
Maximum dimensions of workpieces, mm: 320 Width
Maximum dimensions of workpieces, mm: length 1250
Maximum dimensions of workpieces, mm: height 400
Maximum dimensions of the workpieces at the plate electromagnetic (length x width x height), mm 1250 x 320 x 280
Longitudinal travel of table mm 1470
Distance from spindle axis to table mirror, mm 210 ... 625
Maximum vertical motion of the wheelhead, mm 415
The greatest lateral movement grinding head (stand) 430 mm
Maximum weight of processed products on the table, kg 600
Maximum weight of goods handled at the plate electromagnetic, 400 kg
The dimensions of the grinding wheel in accordance with GOST 2424-75 450h80h203
The number of revolutions per minute wheel 1460
Accelerated lateral movement of wheel head, m / min 1.2
Automatic cross feed at each turn table (stepless regulation) mm / stroke 1 ... 60
Graduation limb vertical movement of the grinding head, 0.002 mm
Vertical movement of the grinding head on one limb turn, mm 0.2
Automatic vertical feed grinding head mm 0.002 ... 0.128
Accelerated rate of vertical displacement m / min 0.2
The motor spindle wheelhead, kWt 11
The total installed capacity of all the motors, kW 18.25
Machine Dimension (length x width x height), mm 4810 x 2660 x 2660
Weight, kg 7000
The accuracy of the sample parameters of the product: flatness, 6 m
The accuracy of the sample parameters of the product: parallelism, 6 m
Product sample precision parameters: surface roughness of the treated peripheral circle of 0.32 m

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October 31, 2016

Our company offers to buy a lathe 3L722 Surface at a minimum price, which is now below the producer of 10 percent. 3L722 Surface machine precision processing differs (accuracy class B) and is the most popular and common in all industries of the Russian Federation. Our company offers not just buy a machine 3L722, but to get up and adjustment works at a minimal cost. Delivery of the machine 3L722V we can carry out anywhere in the world at the lowest rates and terms. We supply only new, high-quality equipment, with a full factory warranty and post-warranty service. As for our partners we offer to repair the machine at the factory 3L722 providing guarantees 3L722V manual surface grinding machine.

Purpose of equipment

Surface grinding machine with a rectangular table and horizontal spindle 3L722V model implements an abrasive surface treatment products end or periphery of the grinding wheel.

This machine has a Class 3L722V high precision, and its design and rigidity allow to achieve roughness of 0.32 microns, and the accuracy of the size of 6-7 quality class accuracy.

Technological capabilities of surface grinding machines 3L722V:
- Handling abrasive tool (grinding wheel) flat surfaces of workpieces or articles with high accuracy specifications

Features Surface grinding 3L722V:

-shariko-rolling screw transmission give workers filing bodies in the vertical and transverse direction of high-precision positioning and smooth running.

-stanina basic machine design and details of the machine provides rigidity and vibration, creating working conditions of the machine in which it is a precision machine.

-opory spindle unit (triplex O-shaped) provides high spindle rapidity and rigidity.

are the direction of the machine prismatic (triangular) and flat (rectangular) guides allow to achieve high positioning accuracy due to their uniform wear in the triangular guide.

-prodolnaya table feed and vertical and lateral movement of the grinding spindle unit allows processing of the workpiece or article.

Apply, slide rails with PTFE coating enhances the smooth running at low speeds due to the reduced friction coefficient.

-This is a modification of the desktop surface grinders size 1250h320. The presence of three slots (spacing 80 mm) which provide means for securing the workpiece or product.

-prodolnaya feed cylinder is provided, which is controlled by the movement of the throttle, which provides infinitely variable speed control of supply desktop machine.

-tsirkulyatsionny type lubricating guides and supports the spindles in automatic mode.

Price excl. VAT
2 415 254.24RUR
Price inkl. VAT
2 850 000RUR
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