ВП3-20/9 Compressor

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ВП3-20/9 Compressor
Technical dates

Performance under suction conditions, m3 / min
22.0 ± 5%
Temperature, K (0 C):
- Suction no more
313.0 (40.0 0C)
- At the outlet end of the compressor after, no more
333.0 (60.0 0C)
Pressure, MPa (kgf / cm2)
- Absolute suction max
0.107 (1.09)
- Excessive discharge, no more
0.780 (8.00)
The power consumed by the compressor shaft, kW
 Water consumption for cooling compressor based on the terminal:
for t0 water at 150C input (for countries with temperate and cold climates), max m3 / h 5.05
t0 while increasing its water inlet flow rate should be increased, not more m3 / h 12.00
Motor type DASK-132 asynchronous squirrel-cage motors:
- power, kWt
- Voltage,
- Current frequency, Hz
- Speed, rev / min
Productivity, m3 / min: 22
Excessive pressure, kgf / cm2: 8.0
Drive power, kW: 132
The mass flow of the cooling water (m3 / h, max): 12.0
The mass consumption of oil for lubricating cylinders and seals (g / h, not more than): 50

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November 18, 2016

Automatic emergency protection protects the compressor VP3-20 / 9 from accidents, simplifies operation, improves the reliability of the compressor and provides:

motor control of the compressor;
automatic purging of heat-exchange equipment;
Automatic compressor unloading when starting and stopping;
automatic emergency stop compressor VP3-20 / 9 In the event of the following options:
- Air temperature after each compression stage;
- Oil pressure of the lubrication mechanism of movement;
- Cooling water flow;
- Excitation voltage compressor drive motor.

Purpose of equipment

Compressor VP3-20 / 9 for compressed air supply equipment in various industries in countries with temperate and cold (version UHL4) climate when operating in confined spaces.
     Compressor VP3-20 / 9 - two-stage cross-head on the corner base 3P. a first stage cylinder is vertical, the second stage - horizontally. Air is compressed in a compressor in series in two stages. After compression in the first stage of the hot air is cooled in the intermediate cooler and enters the second stage cylinder, and then - in the end refrigerator, air collector and to the consumer.
     Cooling compressor cylinders VI-20/8 and refrigerators made water pressure of more than 3.0 kgf / cm2.
     The frame - Cast iron box-shaped.
     Crankshaft - steel single-crank, mounted on two radial-spherical roller bearings that do not require maintenance. On the crank pin are mounted two connecting rods. At the end of the console is pressed onto the rotor shaft of the motor.
     Slinger ring seal mounted on the part of the motor, it prevents oil from entering the motor.
     Crosshead - cast iron gated with removable shoes. Finger compressor crosshead VP3-20 / 9 of steel hollow, cylindrical. The working surface of cemented and heat treated. Between the housing and the gasket may be installed shoes for adjusting clearance between the shoes and the guide frame. Shoes - aluminum, reliable and durable.

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1 271 186.44RUR
Price inkl. VAT
1 500 000RUR
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