Dowel drilling machine MORBIDELLI AUTHOR 660

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Dowel drilling machine MORBIDELLI AUTHOR 660
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Elect./Voltage: 380 V, 50/60 Cy, 3 Ph.
MORBIDELLI "Author 660" CNC PTP Feed Through Machining Center with: -- (19) LH & (19) RH Horizontal drills mounted to the feed thru section of the "Author 660", each with 1.5 HP - 2,800 RPM motors, on 32 mm centers. -- 3,100 MM max. horiz. boring length, 250 mm min. horiz. boring length, 600 mm max. panel width for horiz. boring, 12 mm min. panel width for horiz, boring,"Author 660" Includes: -- (2) PTP Drilling/machining heads; (2) 29-spindle vertical & 8-spindle horizontal spindles (each head with 4 HP - 3,000 RPM motor); spindles are on 32 mm centers. -- Each PtP head additionaly equipped with: (1) 9 HP Electro spindle (9,000 - 18,000 RPM motor) with MK2 tapers, (1) 1.5 HP - 6,000 RPM grooving saw in X-axis, 120 mm blade diameter. -- Working dimensions using vertical & horizontal PTP drilling heads: -- Max. single panel size is 3,100 mm long x 1,300 mm wide, max. 2-panel size is 3,100 mm long x 600 mm wide, over all axes stroke for the PTP heads; X-axis 3,630 mm, Y-axis 672 mm x 2 (1,344 mm overall), Z-axis 115 mm. -- Programming axes speed: X-Axis: 50 MPM, Y-axis 50 MPM, Z-axis MPM; vector speed 75 MPM, acceleration ramp 520 [...] control & Computer: -- PC Based controller with "TRIA" CNC 32-bit microprocessor, Windows based operating environment, 1.2 GB hard drive, 15" VGA color monitor, ergonomic keypad, 3-1/2" disk drive and (2) serial ports (RS-232 & RS-242), requires no 3rd party CAD system for downloading programs. -- Offers incredible list of functions from (a) auto-diagnostic to (z) zooming; controlled acceleration & deceleration, encoder feedback, dynamic tool correction via PLC due to active tool wear using space & time criteria, programs can be transferred via diskette or downloading by wire is possible.

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Year of construction
November 29, 2016

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