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Technical dates

Performance, Performance, 7 m3/hr
Maximum number of blades, 16 pcs.
Cutting height 160 mm
Workpiece dimensions,
-width 500 mm
-height 160 mm
length 2000-6500 mm
Power consumption, 45.5 kW
Mains voltage 380 V
The greatest distance between the extreme saws 350 mm
Workpiece feeding speed, 2 ... 10 m / min
The diameter of blades, 250 mm
Thickness drank 1,8 / 2,8 mm

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Origin of Manufacturer
February 05, 2014

High-performance 2-gang-rip machines rotary shaft CM2B-160 for longitudinal cutting of 2, 3, 4 kantnogo timber planks of different thicknesses. Used as second-line machine machines after ripping (AB - 1100), bandsaws, beam transmission type machines.
The major advantage of a two-shaft machine CM2B Gang "Highway" - 160 is a counter cutting direction on both shafts, the lower and upper saws cut logs from the middle outwards. Mud from the bark into the cut misses respectively, blunting drank practically independent of pollution and debarking logs are required.
Multiple-2y x CM2B rotary shaft machines can produce up to 80 m3 of high-quality lumber per shift. CM2B machines provide high quality cutting surface, strict adherence to the geometry of the timber produced in thickness (gage is not more than 0.4 mm).

Purpose of equipment

Gang rip CM-2B-160 (200) allows you to produce up to 80 m3 of high-quality lumber per shift.

Price excl. VAT
720 338.98RUR
Price inkl. VAT
850 000RUR
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