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Technical dates

Length of logs processed, 0.5 - 6.5 * 2.55 m
The length of the track, 7650 (Section 3
The maximum diameter of the processed logs, 110 mm
Board thickness (timber),1-270 mm
The thickness of the final board 15 mm
Cutting depth, 1.9-2.4 mm
Performance 8-hour shift, 5 ... 10 m3
Diameter saw pulleys 510 mm
Blade speed, 30 m / s
Drive motor power saws, 7.5 kW
Voltage 380 V

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February 05, 2014

If you are looking for an economical and reliable equipment for sawing wood blanks length 0,5-6,5 meters, band sawmill " CEDAR " will be the best choice for solving the major problems of your production. Built- electric power plant with a capacity of 7.5 kW ensure uninterrupted operation of the equipment .
Unit differs incredible stamina . Band saws " CEDAR " can actively work in two shifts , and in three shifts at the toughest load. Performance of the device is also impressive : for the eight-hour shift equipment can produce five to ten cubic meters of finished timber products.
Versatility sawmill confirms the fact that the machine can easily handle logs with a diameter up to 110 millimeters. Equipment specially designed taking into account the harsh climatic conditions in some regions of our country. The unit is able to maintain stable operation at negative temperatures , both in the workshop and on the open production sites .
On a separate note the incredible usability of the model. Machine weight 280 pounds makes it easy to transport it if necessary , and minor dimensions contribute to maximizing your workspace.
If you are looking for the optimal equipment , both in terms of efficiency and productivity by , then you definitely need to consider the option of purchase of this model , which is perfectly suited for both large -scale enterprises and for small private shops.

Purpose of equipment

Band sawmill "CEDAR" designed to cut trunks of hardwood diameter

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142 800RUR
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