Woodworking equipment / Gang-Rip Saws

Technical dates

Productivity 15-20 m3 per shift
Length of logs processed, 0.5 - 6.5 * 2.55 m
The length of the track, 7650 (Section 3
The maximum diameter of the processed logs, 1000 mm
Board thickness (timber),1-270 mm
The thickness of the final board 15 mm
Cutting depth, 1.9-2.4 mm
Performance 8-hour shift, 5 ... 10 m3
Diameter saw pulleys 510 mm
Blade speed, 30 m / s
Power gasoline engine drive saws, 20-22 L / S

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February 06, 2014

Band saws like " CEDAR - 5B " can be called one of the leaders of the line equipment for processing wood. All this is due to several factors . First , set the saw is 15 degrees. Second, the maximum diameter of the log , which can handle sawmill - 1150mm . All this makes the equipment universal assistant on projects of various sizes , from small private shops to imposing multimillion production systems.
Another big plus band sawmill " CEDAR - 5B " is to force a four-stroke petrol engine , which demonstrates the power of 20-22 horsepower. This engine delivers smooth operation of equipment in two shifts or three shifts . If your production site Uncovered , you can not worry about the stability of the production process, as sawmill " CEDAR - 5B " and can operate at negative temperatures .
Despite its considerable size and considerable weight , the equipment can be easily dismantled and transported to the right place . Choosing sawmill " CEDAR - 5B " for the needs of your project - rational informed decision about which you are unlikely to regret.

Purpose of equipment

Band sawmill "CEDAR-5B" is designed for cutting hardwood trunk diameter of up to 1000mm.

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188 389.83RUR
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222 300RUR
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