Woodworking equipment / Gang-Rip Saws

Technical dates

Productivity 15-20 m3 per shift
Length of logs processed, 0.5 - 6.5 * 2.55 m
The length of the track, 7650 (Section 3
The maximum diameter of the processed logs, 850 mm
Board thickness (timber),1-270 mm
The thickness of the final board 15 mm
Cutting depth, 1.9-2.4 mm
Performance 8-hour shift, 5 ... 10 m3
Diameter saw pulleys 510 mm
Blade speed, 30 m / s
Power gasoline engine drive saws, 20-22 L / S

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February 06, 2014

Band sawmill like " cedar -4MB " is equipped with a Japanese engine producing 20-22 horsepower. The main advantage of the equipment - the ability to use in those regions of the country where there are problems with the tabulation of additional power lines to the shop . Lack of a continuous supply of energy can jeopardize the process of sawing . Gasoline sawmill " CEDAR -4MB " allows you to organize the production of relatively autonomous .
Powertrain equipment combines economy and performance . " CEDAR 4MB " can produce from 5 to 12 cubic meters of finished products while consuming minimum fuel grade A - 92 ( 2 liters per hour).
Sawmill can handle logs up to the maximum allowable diameter of 850mm . The equipment can be installed both indoors and outdoors depending on the methods of organizing your workspace. Subzero temperature does not affect the band sawmill . Moreover , the technique maintains two and three-shift load without risk of rapid wear .
Price sawmill " CEDAR -4MB " corresponds to quality . Buying such equipment , you make long-term investment in reliable equipment .

Purpose of equipment

Band sawmill like "cedar-4MB" is designed for cutting wood trunks with diameter up to 850 mm.

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171 186.44RUR
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202 000RUR
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