Dear looking for machines and various industrial and technical equipment, this section will provide information about the features and services offered to you by our webpage. And also about the main differences between our site from other portals dealing with similar activities.


  • Online calculation for shipping costs and customs duties
    Online calculation for shipping costs and customs duties

    Our portal provides an instant online calculation of estimated total costs for equipment. Each supplier fills the transport characteristics of the goods during adding his offer of equipment. Based on these data, considering the location using certain of the original formula, customs data, and a number of factors, our system calculates the approximate final cost of the equipment at the end point. The obtained result is not an exact finite sum, but you will be able to cater for this amount in the selection of equipment, as after a precise calculation, using requests will have insubstantial deviation. With this you can see some transport companies engaged in transportation in this area. More detailed information on the calculation of this service online, you can find in the help section - buyers - calculation online.

  • Automatic translation of each article
    Automatic translation of each article

    Our Catalouge offers an unuique system, which is providing for each article, before inserting it into the webpage, to translate the description in all availible languages of our portal.

  • Possibility to purchase equipment direct from the catalouge
    Possibility to purchase equipment direct from the catalouge

    As an extension to the search in our catalouge you can also order a safe purchase of choosen equipment via TOOLZON. The procedure of purchase is possible across of all coverer countries. We offer a transparent costs model and clear task description for all requiered activities.


  • Remote Independent examination
    Remote Independent examination


  • Telephone technical support
    Telephone technical support

    На нашем сайте предусмотрена техническая поддерка наших пользователей по средствам бесплатного федерального телефона /..../ (звонок по России бесплатный). Если у Вас возникли вопросы по работе с сайтом, или вы не нашли в нашем каталоге интересующее вас оборудование, или зап.часть,  вы сможете обратится к нашим операторам с    8-00 до 19-00 по московскому времени, и мы с радостью поможем вам разобраться во всех интерисующих вас вопросах. 

  • Easy Navigation
    Easy Navigation

    Благодаря удобной навигации по сайту, вы всегда сможете быстро найти интерисующее вас оборудование.