Large assortment PROMA - more than 600 positions universal metalworking and woodworking machinery, hand and measuring tools, equipment - to satisfy the most diverse, fast-growing needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Machine equipment brands PROMA® intended for a wide range of customers - from small household and private workshops to repair and instrumental support and pilot production of industrial enterprises various industries. 
Its main task PROMA company puts quality assurance and reliability of machines. All components and materials of construction are ordered from approved suppliers, are additional checks and testing with guaranteed quality and in accordance with the latest developments. 
Much attention is also paid to pre-sales. Machines are checked for completeness and quality of the packaging, safety paint. Are assembled machine and testing its operation in all modes. 
One of the main directions of development of the company is to expand services. Today "Certified service center PROMA» provides our customers with quality and after-sales service, spare parts and consumables. Experienced specialists carry out assembly and commissioning, service providers subscription services equipment, conduct planning - preventive and overhaul.

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