Maegerle AG Maschinenfabrik

Mägerle embodies the coexistence of tradition and progress

Foundation stone for Swiss quality mechanical engineering

Starting out as a metalware business, Karl Mägerle founded Gebrüder Mägerle GmbH in 1929 jointly with his brother. This was followed by the acquisition of the Fritz Wunderli AG grinding machine business three years later, enabling the company's entry into grinding technology. This laid the foundation stone for an unparalleled success story in Swiss quality mechanical engineering.

A design principle retains its validity

Mägerle set the most important milestone in 1980. Its flat and profile grinding machines - now established worldwide - were built with a fully enclosed hydrostatic guide system for the first time. This ground-breaking design principle still distinguishes Mägerle's cutting-edge technology today, and forms the unique basis for the unsurpassed results in precision, cost effectiveness, reliability and long working life.

Recognised performance in demanding conditions

The worldwide reputation of Mägerle flat and profile grinding machines is long established. With their equally high removal capacity and machining precision, they are recognised on the market as top-class machines. They demonstrate their performance and versatility daily in demanding applications in the turbine industry, the automotive and aircraft industry, the hydraulics industry and the energy sector, as well as machine tools and toolmaking. All industries that make the highest demands in respect of mechanical, ergonomic and operational qualities. 

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