A. Monforts Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH

Machine Tools from Monforts: Perfect turning, milling, drilling

Since 125 years Monforts has been expert in machine tools and competent
partner for turning, milling and drilling. 

Precision Machine Tools for the Long-term

Monforts machine tools are always designed to benefit the customer. For this reason we use a hydrostatic guide system for the Z-axis. As a result of the minimised wear and optimised vibration damping, the best surface finish for turning, milling, drilling and thread-cutting can be guaranteed over the long-term. Even with hard or difficult to machine materials such as Inconel or ceramics we can obtain the best surface finish due to the robustness and the intelligent technologies of our machine tools. You can benefit from the durability of your Monforts machine tool and the low piece cost. Our machine tools are designed to be extremely economical for turning, milling and drilling.

Robust Machine Tools

Monforts customers report again and again that our machine tools work safely and reliably under the hardest conditions. Therefore, our products are preferred in industries where the turning, milling and drilling of complex, large and expensive work pieces and components depend on process reliability and cost efficiency. Which is the case in the aerospace and energy industries in regards to engines, generators and wind-turbines. Beyond this our machine tools are given preference in industries such as for pumps and fittings, automotive and drive technology. A newly opened area is in ceramics in which, thanks to innovative laser technology, turning is now possible.

Innovative Machine Tools

Through close contact to our customers and the intensive co-operation with research facilities and development partners we deliver innovative machine tools of the highest technical level to the market. The goal of our advancement of our machine tools is to generate new customer benefits in the areas of turning, drilling and milling, because we desire that you will continue to use the machine tools from Monforts to turn, drill and mill with especially high accuracy, effectiveness and efficiency. We have recently developed technologies that, for example, create completely new possibilities in ceramic machining.

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