ESH Oevermann Gmbh

ISO9001CertThe company esh Oevermann GmbH Hydraulic Presses is a medium-sized company and builds under different company names for over 40 years, hydraulic punching, deep drawing, straightening and special presses according to customer requirements.

The current company esh Oevermann GmbH, Gechäftsführer Ralf Oevermann, sole society activist's wife Elke Oevermann, designs and builds hydraulic presses for metal forming and pressing for the plastics and recycling area. We attach great importance to customer proximity, fast, good and cheap service, also service and accident prevention checks for all other manufacturers in the field of hydraulic and mechanical presses.


Please, contact us if you have the following requirements:

1 Procurement of hydraulic deep drawing, stamping, hydroforming and plastic molding.

2 Press Service and accident prevention checks for self-and other makes.

Third consultation and planning by forming lines. 

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