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INDEX and TRAUB, two strong brands

Together with its subsidiary company TRAUB, the INDEX Group is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of CNC turning machines. The Esslingen group of companies is present around the world with six production sites, five international sales and service companies as well as 80 representations.




Progress has a long tradition 

The INDEX production facilities were set up in 1914 by Hermann Hahn who began that year with the production of turret turning machines. He was a Swabian entrepreneur through and through who laid the foundation for an impressive development with creative ideas and an aspiration for quality. Within four decades, more than 20,000 turning machines had been sold and these formed the basis for the excellent reputation of INDEX around the world. In 1975, INDEX began with the production of Multi Spindle Turning Machines. A few years later, the company entered the market for CNC technology. And INDEX soon assumed a pioneering role here. After the death of Eugen Hahn, the son of the company’s founder, 85% of the company shares were put into a foundation. In 1992, INDEX presented a new generation of Turn-Mill Centers based on a modular component system. In 1997, TRAUB Drehmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG from neighboring Reichenbach/Fils was taken over and integrated into the INDEX Group as an independent subsidiary. The company pursues a two-brand strategy to this very day.     

Optimal production solutions for the customers 

Since 2002, INDEX has offered multi-functional production centers in which different process technologies can be integrated in one machine. The complete machining means that not only the quality and precision are higher but also that primarily the production costs are reduced as a result of the shorter throughput times. This benefit is appreciated by INDEX customers worldwide as it strengthens their competitiveness. The main customers of INDEX turning machines include, above all, companies from the automotive and automotive supplier industries, from the mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and electronics sectors as well as manufacturers of fluid technology and of controls and instruments. Growth markets are to be found in medical technology and in the aerospace industry. Even when it involves the processing of materials that are difficult to machine,  the experts at INDEX and TRAUB find a convincing solution.     

Everything from one source 

The particular strength of the INDEX Group lies in the development of the best production solution for each customer. Together with its subsidiary TRAUB, the Group offers the largest program for complete machining of turned parts, both for serial and single-item production. The application engineers can draw on this basis when they develop ideal production strategies for their customers. Particularly with geometrically demanding and highly precise workpieces, the engineering services for the customers are of inestimable benefit. This applies for both individual machines of standard design as well as for complete production systems that can consist of several machines linked to one another. Engineering, along with research and development, has a key role at INDEX. More than 10 percent of all staff are employed here, and they contribute with their know-how and their ideas to ensuring that INDEX customers have a competitive advantage. 

Quality, made in Germany 

INDEX and TRAUB are opting for Germany as a production location and also produce important core components on their own machines. Motivated and superbly qualified employees ensure the high quality of the machines, each one reflecting their diligence and attention to detail. The staff are encouraged by the company and receive further education. INDEX invests a great deal in the training of young employees, achieving a training rate of about six percent which is remarkable for a medium-sized company. To ensure they remain competitive, INDEX and TRAUB are putting their faith in flexible production strategies. High-quality products that are market leaders in technology are the best foundation for sustained growth.

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