Founded four decades ago as a pure mechanical engineering company, is focused today INDUMASCH next to the machine technology mainly to the innovation and implementation of manufacturing processes for its customers. 

This is done on the basis of sophisticated technology and bending sheet metal working technologies. As a result INDUMASCH thus creating efficient and flexible manufacturing capabilities for its customers. 

The highly motivated and knowledgeable staff in the team sales, development, manufacturing and service offer customers every day innovative services and solutions .. 

When it comes around the bend profiles: Indumasch! 
Fits equipped machines, modern bending tools and comprehensive service. Indumasch from Siegen your partner is turn around machinery and tooling for profiles! As the market leader in this sector shall turn to the profiles Indumasch special emphasis on quality, economy and efficiency of machines and tools. The prestigious clients from all industries appreciate the pronounced proximity to customers and the reliability of the expert team. Indumasch offers section bending machines, notching machines, welding Bevellers and modern custom solutions for Profile bending. read more

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