Tschudin AG

The company Tschudin is a family owned business and was established in 1947.
It specializes in the manufacturing and development of high precision centerless grinding machines. Located in the south Jurassic mountains, the city of Grenchen, sits between the Jura region and the Swiss plateau. This region has a worldwide reputation for its industrial know-how in the high precision field of watch manufacturing.

For over half a century, Tschudin has followed it's customer's requirements. In the past years, the production of its conventional center type grinders is being manufactured by the group HTT in Bienne. Tschudin continued to concentrate it's efforts developing a new line of products in high precision centerless grinders. As a result of a young and energetic team, the Tschudin company is gearing up towards to the future. The results of our R&D team led to innovative products of high quality in the grinding field. Today, Tschudin maintain it's excellent reputation in the designing and making of centerless grinders. 

Because of its broad experience, a new line of high precision centerless grinders became available under the "ecoLine" name. Based on its technological concept, the Tschudin ecoLine CNC is a step ahead among it's competitors.

By utilizing the most modern technological components, our research and development team was able to develop the world's most advanced and simplest centerless grinder available on the market today. For example, base & slides made of natural granite ensure optimum thermal stability. Being the pioneer in this technology, Tschudin uses linear servo motors for the movement of its 3-axis, being part of the new ecoLine concept. 
Tschudin has opened new avenues and created simplicity in the centerless grinding technology.

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