EDEL machine tools with German precision and quality for our customers worldwide gefertigt.Unsere EDEL milling machines are durable, precise and pay for themselves in no time. Just the right place for small to medium sized businesses, the great emphasis on flexibility and low cost. To reduce example with our innovative 5-axis machining centers and software solutions that lead times your production significantly. In the future, we will provide our customers with practical solutions, in this case we rely on proven technology and on innovation and Forschung.EDEL machine tools impress with their high efficiency, precision and reliability and therefore are customer-oriented and efficient solutions are always the first choice when it comes to a high-quality machine tool geht.Unsere own service technicians are on site quickly and through our extensive spare parts - bearings, we can supply spare parts at short notice

Manufacturer webpage «EDEL GmbH»www.edelgmbh.de