Krasnodar Machine Tool Plant Sedin


Plant named Sedin


August 27, 1911 the official opening of engineering and foundry "Kubanol" (Kuban oil) for the production of equipment and machinery of deep drilling. In 1915, they released their first lathe. In 1922, the company got its present name - in honor of Turner Sedin GM, party of the revolutionary events, worked on it until 1918, and died during the Civil War.

During the industrialization of factory expanded rapidly saturated equipment and educated workers and engineers. In 1937, they released their first turning lathe, and by 1938 to determine the priority profile of the plant - machine tools, and in the first place - the production of lathes. In 1942. during the Nazi okutspatsii factory in ruins. In 1950. released the first machine for steel railway wheels tselnokatannyh model 1502 in 1961. released the country's first heavy mill with controlled model 1541p. By 1961, production of the first examples of multi-spindle vertical turning semiautomatic model 1286-6, and by 1962. plant supplied its products to more than 20 countries.

In 1971. The plant was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor. In 1972. machine model 1516 won a gold medal at the International Leipzig Fair. December 12, 1977. released 25,000 th machine development tools and model 1512F3 1516F3 and transition to mass production of CNC machine tools. In 1980.machine model 1516F3 awarded a gold medal at the exhibition in the Bulgarian Plovdine. In 1982. presentation 1A516MF3 machine at the World Exhibition in Leipzig. By 1987, the factory has become the world's largest manufacturer of lathes. Products are exported to over 90 countries. In 1989. the creation of a joint venture "Sedin-Schiess," production machine 1S528MF4.

1992g.-1994. diversification of production. In 1999. the creation of a new range of machines "Vertimaster" and "Vertiturn." In 2000. presentation machine VMG 32. In 2009. presentation multipurpose vertical machining center VMG 40. 2013. the creation of vertical gantry machining complex VMG50 / 90.

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