UNTHA shredding technology GmbH

UNTHA - The brand for reliable industrial shredders

Our Vision

In shredding technology, we are the leader in quality on the markets and regions actively worked by us and give our customers economic benefits with our reliable products and services as well as our unrivalled innovative strength and efficiency in providing solutions.

By using our shredding solutions for resource recycling and waste treatment, valuable resources are saved, large quantities of waste are disposed of and valuable energy is recovered. For these reasons, we make an important contribution to the long-term protection of the environment.


Our Mission

For more than 40 years, we have been the reliable and competent partner
in shredding technology. On the basis of cutting-edge technology and highly qualified staff, we develop and produce innovative and custom-made shredding solutions for individual tasks.

In doing so, our customers and markets determine our thinking and acting. By supplying our high-quality and therefore absolutely reliable products and services, we strengthen our customers' position on the market.

We regard reliability, credibility and sound economic thinking and acting as the central values which enable and sustain success on international markets and expand our competitiveness by focussing on our core competences and the continuous improvement of our business processes. Our innovativeness, our problem-solving skills and our distinctive quality awareness are the essential prerequisites for this approach.


Fields of Expertise

Factors of Success


       Our Innovative Strength

Our in-house Development Department with a Research and Development
 of its own ensures innovative and cutting-edge shredding
solutions. Numerous patents and innovations are proof of our leading
position in the field of shredding technology. In order to further strengthen
this lead, we allocate substantial funds and know-how in terms of
human resources.



       Our Efficiency in Providing Solutions

The key success factor of UNTHA is our application engineers, who are
highly efficient in providing solutions. Thanks to our long-time experience,
technical know-how and highly competent application engineers
we are able to tailor individual solutions even to highly complex shredding
requirements. We share our knowledge with our partners. Therefore,
we organize training sessions in our in-house UNTHA Academy on
a regular basis. 


        Quality Awareness

Our product portfolio is based on the latest technology and focused on
top-notch quality. As we produce 80% of our units and components ourselves
using highest technical standards plus ongoing quality controls,
we ensure the high reliability of our machines even under difficult
operating conditions. All shredders are manufactured at the 4,000 m²
production plant in Kuchl – Made in Austria.



       Customer Orientation

We are on hand for our customers wherever they need us. The development
of a customer-specific solution by our application engineers,
our well-developed service mentality, a reliable customer service as
well as our highly motivated and qualified staff with commercial and
technical know-how provide for perfect customer service and ensure
the reliable operation and long service life of our shredding machines
for the entire lifecycle of our products. 


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