Ulrich Klingel Maschinenfabrik GbR

Company - Philosophy and Profile 
This may sound very simple and obvious, but in everyday life is a constant challenge. We constantly try to take into account the customers' needs perfectly. Our top priority is to achieve a trusting, long-term partnership with the customer is. 
Traditions and values ​​such as honesty, reliability, consistency and openness we live on a daily basis. Our products must be easy to have the right quality ... We see these values ​​as a requirement for a modern service. Our products have been around for 60 years, in the second generation, we can to a certain traditional point and it is our task for the customer to be there. 

These are basics for maintaining and simultaneously the continuous development and improvement of our performance. Continuity, experience and expertise in more than 60 years of history are the basis for a successful, innovative future ...

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