ALMI Machinefabriek BV

Almi BedrijfspandALMI, ever since its incorporation in 1946, has used advanced technology to provide its customers    with the best possible service. ALMI’s production is quick, efficient and always results in high-quality products. For example, ALMI is continually introducing innovations in the automation of the production process to ensure that high quality remains the norm. Moreover, the control of the process is assured by the company’s ISO 9001:2008 certification.

ALMI is always in the vanguard and this was illustrated in the beginning of the 1990’s with the installation of ALMI’s first machining centres, capable of unmanned overnight production (on a 24/7 basis).

ALMI’s experience with welding robots since the end of the 1970’s has enabled ALMI to become the first company, in 2008, to install a robotised welding cell, comprised of a handling robot and welding robots. These welding cells are able to carry out the welding on batches from 1 machine upwards and adjustment times have become a thing of the past. Moreover, the welding robots contribute to the achievement of a consistent high quality.

ALMI’s rapid and simple assembly processes are supported by a Kan Ban-system that is in direct contact with the company’s suppliers.

ALMI continually invest in the latest pipe welding technology ensuring an enviable wealth of experience. This puts ALMI at the forefront of product innovation which frequently results in economical, high quality production, all to the benefit of ALMI’s 

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