Durmazlar Makina A.Ş.

We are a high performance sheet metal working machinery producer. Our aim is to spread technology for sheet metal process for every workshop can utilize. Our products and services offer high quality solutions by wide product range for each sheet metal process from cutting to bending punching to forming as well as other value added processes. 

Today 50.000 of Durma machines contributes efficiency to different industries worldwide as big commitment Today, Tomorrow and Forever. 55 years of experience and 100.000 m2 state of art 3 production plants dedicated to different 6000 annual product output also distinct us as one of the largest manufacturers of the world. While we are a corporate company we reckon our relationship tighten with our clients and 80 country dealers by approaching them as “business partner” rather than a “customer”. 

We always stand behind our products as our commitment and continue to gain confidence of our business partner with our philosophy created by founder our Mr. Ali Durmaz.



DURMA is our brand of products. It is featuring; 
  • First 5 letters of our company name Durmazlar.
  • Same and easy pronunciation in every language.
  • Dynamic and motivated meanings “do not stop “corresponds to our products.
  • First 3 letters of our company name + first 2 letters of machinery which is also similar in every language DUR-MA.
  • Our logo stands stable italic towards right side symbolise the stability and future.

Our Branding Policy is being: 
  • Faithful
  • Responds to different needs
  • Problem solver
  • High class World brand
  • High performance / price ratio
  • Innovative
  • Socially responsible



Being a global brand name that serves solutions to the customers with quality and best delivery terms. 


Durma understands customer needs and offers solution by advanced technology for every level of workshop can utilize. 


  • Being the best is or irrevocable target
  • Our objective is continuous improvement
  • Processes are improved by employees involved in not from the top
  • Trustworthy and honesty is our main principle
  • All work output is come out by our Teamwork
  • Our customers are felt as they are the only customer of us
  • Our doors are open for everyone
  • Our employees are our most valuable wealth



Our Quality Policy: 

Offering high quality products and services to acquire unlimited business partner satisfaction. 
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