Wera Profilator GmbH & Co. KG


Different processes combined through modular design
Polygon & Face slot machining, Gear & Spline cutting, Gear tooth pointing, Shifter stop machining, Chamfering and Deburring, SCUDDING®

Precision in modular design
Profilator is your partner, when you require complex machining processes to be carried out effectively, efficiently and with high precision using modern machine concepts.

Advantage through technology
High precision, flexible manufacturing processes, short cycle times, reduced investment and running costs: These are the requirements that the operator asks of a modern machine tool.

SCUDDING® Qms - Quality meets Speed
In contrast to the known gear cutting process gear shaping, Scudding® is much quicker, more efficient and productive.

Hobbing - Fly cutting 
Profilator offers hobbing as a module in the modular system. This technology can be done as single or double spindle machines. With fly cutting very beneficial face gears and splines can be generated. 

Gear tooth pointing
With gear tooth pointing all pointing forms are produced either in rotary or indexing modes.

Shifter stop machining
Profilator offers the patented involute cutting process where the tool describes the path of an involute. Sliding sleeves and synchro cones can be precisely shifted and created so that an optimal transfer of the gear forces to the control gear takes place.

Roll deburring
With roll deburring, an chamfering wheel and a deburring wheel is swivelled into the gear. By  rotating of workpiece and tools a chamfer is created on the tooth edge.

Cycloidal cutting
Cycloidal cutting is a continual cutting process for the exact production of face gears.


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