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The idea: to build machines which do not simply do everything, but do everything simply. Machines which as simple tool can carry out the most complex functions. Machine tools whose only task is to perfectly fulfil their goals. 
Our company and its success are based on this idea.

EMCO headquarters in Hallein, Salzburg
EMCO headquarters in Hallein, Salzburg


The success story of this Austrian company, which was founded in 1947, started with the production of conventional lathes. The EMCO Group in the meantime has become one of Europe’s leading producers of machine tools and has production plants in Austria, Germany and Italy. Since December EMCO is part of the Kuhn Holding GmbH, located in Salzburg.

The group of companies consists of an association of top European suppliers (EMCO, FAMUPMECOF and MAGDEBURG) all of which come from the machine-tool industry. United under the common maxim of “Made in the Heart of Europe” they work on intelligent and innovative production solutions for the machining industry. With its extensive product portfolio, the EMCO Group is a respected and proven partner within the field of turning and milling.

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