ZAO «Srednevolzhsky Stankozavod» (Samat)

ZAO «Srednevolzhsky Stankozavod» which historically was a leader of the machine tool industry in Russia, is still one of the leading manufacturers of various types of lathe machines:
multi-purpose turning-screw lathes (16B16, 1А616, and SAMAT);
mini CNC lathe machines (SAMAT 400SC «Vector»);
chuck-and-center CNC lathe machines (16B16Т1 and 1716PF3);
lathe centers (1716PF4); and
special lathes (special lathes KТ131 and automatic transfer lines KТ554, backing-off lathes 1Е811S1 and 1Е812S1; and semi-automatic screw lathes 1B922).
In addition to producing new machines, ZAO «Srednevolzhsky Stankozavod» provides general maintenance and renewal of metal-cutting equipment.
All operations are made with the use of primary production capacities and modern metal-working process solutions. This guarantees a high quality of produced and repaired equipment and ensures meeting the precision standards and manufacturing capabilities’ enhancement by means of modern control and gear systems.
When required we are ready to provide all spare parts, tools, and accessories (SPTA) necessary for the smooth operation of your equipment.

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